A haiku on forbidden, unforgotten love

His hands soft as silk
Sent warm shivers through her soul
Forbidden yet seized

Like a thunderstorm
Slowly falling through dark skies
He was her weakness

His voice like thunder
Yet as gentle as a breeze
Tamed her wild spirit

Too late and too soon
Years and mistakes were their foes
His weather was strange

Like hot and cold days
He pulled yet pushed her away
But she still loved him

Through her darkest hours
She smiled, recalling his laugh
Her tears felt his pain

Facing years of droughts
Fighting a war without him
Her heart became numb

Mari Colham

It seems violent people constantly seek fights nowadays because they know they’ll get away with it.

The news shows endless daily scrolls of rioting, violent protests, shootings, looting, vandalism, robberies, human trafficking, rape, and countless other crimes. It’s to the point where no one is truly safe because of the growing statistics of violence and injustice. For example, according to Newsmax, seventeen people were killed in Portland, Oregon from January to February of this year, a 1,600 percent rise from one murder reported during the same two months in 2020.

We need to be aware and knowledgeable about our surroundings and ways to defend ourselves when there are threats to our safety. In several risky situations…

Although being a genius doesn’t indicate that someone is a criminal, many of the world’s most dangerous narcissistic sociopaths are nearly as intelligent as the famous physicist Albert Einstein, whose IQ ranged from 160–190.

According to the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, “genius” levels range from 145–160, and only one percent of test participants reach it. Only a rare and “gifted” 2.3 percent of test-takers score from 130–144, but “genius” and “gifted” criminals use their cleverness primarily for committing crimes in addition to increasing their academic success. …

What the story of Pinocchio taught me about toxic positivity

“I’d rather be smart than be an actor.” — Pinocchio

I did a lot of acting before I got smart enough to realize that years of living in denial and dishonesty began destroying me like cancer. Fear, rage, shame, and grief grew inside me like Pinocchio’s nose, and I hid all that chaos by showing the world a fake smile. The truth eventually erupted in countless nervous breakdowns because I forced up my strong walls for too long, and the dam finally broke.

There is a considerable difference between acting and sincerely feeling happy, and the truth eventually shows like…

A Haiku on my son, (a cat, Lil…

Mari Colham

Business owner, survivor, and mommy of spoiled Siamese Tabby, Lil Man.

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