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Mari Colham


Mari Colham is a published writer for multiple magazines. After earning her Associates degree in Business Administration and graduating with honors, she immediately began working at various newspapers as a staff writer and columnist for a total of three years. During that time, her life began to change drastically as she picked up the courage to battle and walk away from the darkest consequences of her own toxic choices.

Through intense recovery, she pursued her passion in writing, working in the legal system, and became a business owner. Although she still endures challenging moments, she finds her peace and healing…

A haiku on trauma, mental health, and life lessons

Image by Three-shots from Pixabay

A sensitive heart
Guided and raised by the wise
She had witnessed love

She needed no walls
No fortress of protection
To guard her feelings

Modest and carefree
Her chapters began twisting
By claws of evil

Tearing down her heart
Crying oceans of hurt tears
Hurting in silence

Building secret walls
With hidden treasures of pain
Behind a fortress

Gems overflowing
Her hidden tears are precious
Each one with value

When her treasures spill
She will see and feel her worth
Priceless strength and peace

Mari Colham is a published writer for multiple magazines, court reporter, business owner, survivor, and…

A haiku on true friendship, trauma, and family

Artwork by Jamie Ehrhard

Hatred filled my heart
As all shoved me in hell’s pit
I screamed in black rage

Till I saw myself
A replica of my youth
I recoiled from you

Your first words shook me
As you pointed at my feet
“Ah, Harley Quinn socks”

Our journey began
You were me and I was you
The sister I lost

You cared more than anyone
Suffering as one

Evil claws gripped us
Slaying demons together
Saving each other

Crawling out of hell
Ready to take on the world
Healing together

For my best friend, sister, business associate, and flourishing poet and…

A haiku in memory of my grandmother on her birthday

Photo of author’s grandmother cleaning fish that she caught

You were always there
Your smile my sunshine through storms
Lighting up my life

Your love carried me
Through everyone’s darts of hate
You were my strong shield

My sweet guardian
Petite with a fiery fuse
Angelic beauty

A warrior’s spirit
With chieftain blood in your veins
Heaven’s southern belle

Your confidence shone
Like the radiant moonlight
Waking up the night

You laughed at slander
Showing how we are better
You gave me purpose

I died when you left
I walked miles through life alone
Your face in my tears

Feeling you each day
Your wings embrace your daughter
Singing of your…

A haiku on love, romance, and life lessons

Image by Mary Gorobchenko from Pixabay

For years I sought you
My heart knew what it desired
Even as a child

You haunted my dreams
I chased you in the darkness
Reaching in the wind

I grasped into air
Aching to caress your skin
To hear your heartbeat

Alone I faced death
Welcoming a hopeless life
Surrounded by hate

Until you saw me
Past longings sparked my dead heart
When I saw your face

Yet I ran in fear
Feeling unworthy of you
But your songs pulled me

Closer and closer
Old flames simmering in me
I hungered for more

My heartbeat racing
Your eyes calm my…

A poem about recovering from domestic violence

Image by Msporch from Pixabay

I remember the day I saw you
Smiling so innocently
I could tell you were lying
Because you hold things

People around you think that they know you
But I know the real you
How you lie, cheat, abuse, and beat
I know all the things that you do
But I forgive you even though it’s hard

I want to be free
You see
I don’t want to be caged, erased, forgotten, or misplaced
I forgive you for me
For I am set free

This poem was written by my business associate, Jamie Ehrhard, who is a flourishing writer…

A poem about domestic abuse and life lessons

Original artwork by Jamie Ehrhard

Put your finger over your smile
Don’t let people know your tricks
Keep them hidden well
It’s forbidden

To let people in
A masquerade of deceit
Everyone at the party wears masks
They cover up their crimes

Inside they die
While outside they lie
Eager people flutter around
To watch the masquerade go down

To see the deceitful dance
With a glance
Oh a wolf in disguise
Of a sheep filled with lies

Oh a snare, a growl, and a pounce
Of the deadly act, not an ounce
Until the dance stops
You’re trapped here now

Now join the dance…

A haiku on family, childhood, and mindfulness

Image by my best in collections — see and press 👍🔖 from Pixabay

The creaking swing set
We flew as high as it went
Gazing at the hills

Adventurous dreams
Replayed songs on cassette tapes
Popping bike wheelies

Playing in the mud
Swimming in puddles and creeks
Catching fish and bugs

Building forest forts
Defense against the patrol
We laughed at our scrapes

All-day in the sun
Kids always into mischief
Yet so innocent

Riding trails all-day
Warm winds blasting our faces
Cruising through pastures

Growing up changed us
Painful words drove us apart
Memories remain

Mari Colham is a published writer for multiple magazines, court reporter, business owner, survivor, and volunteer at…

A haiku on spirituality, faith, and mental health

Image by jplenio from Pixabay

You never left me
Through the years they forgot me
Your promise endures

You’ve kept me alive
Nurturing me with my needs
Your simple blessings

You never left me
As I’ve rebelled to gain love
Your promise endures

You love your daughter
Shaking your head at my ways
Shaping my spirit

You never left me
Your ways baffle my spirit
Your promise endures

One of mystery
And not to be wrestled with
You keep chasing me

You never left me
Criminals silenced my truth
Your promise endures

You’ve wept beside me
Reminding me of your Word
You gave me purpose

A haiku on healing from trauma, personal growth, and love

Image by Elara W.B. from Pixabay

Teeth clenched behind smiles
Their words and hugs bittersweet
Hiding their envy

I yearned to see good
My bones shaken with distrust
They slithered like snakes

Embraces like stone
Their cruel whispers boiled my blood
Hot knives in my back

Beaten by their smirks
Their hateful words burned me down
Their thrilled tongues wagging

Bleeding tears through fire
Until pain goes numb and dies
And rebirth begins

From your tears of love
Your scarred hands graze my ashes
Breathing into me

Your beautiful soul
Strange tears roll down my cheeks
Overwhelmed with awe

Past tears fall away
As my fingers trace…

Mari Colham

Business owner, survivor, and mommy of spoiled Siamese Tabby, Lil Man.

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