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We can choose to perceive exhaustion, weakness, hopelessness, intense fear, and shame in two different ways.

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By focusing on past regrets, shame, stressful moments that pop up unexpectedly, days get darker with increased hopelessness and exhaustion. After careful self-reflection of my repetitive past mistakes, the beginning of each dark pattern begins like this:

  • I get hurt, angry, and intense resentment increases.
  • I try justifying what I did.
  • I rebel and act out in rage and hurt.
  • I hide my feelings and mistakes because it feels safe to me.
  • I lose my spiritual faith and trust in everyone and only depend on myself.

In the past, my spiritual mentors and close friends showed me how our weaknesses…

Mari Colham

Business owner, survivor, and mommy of spoiled Siamese Tabby, Lil Man.

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